How To Make A Decorative Air Return Vent Cover

Allow's face it-- when you think COOLING AND HEATING, you don't believe "elegant". Many COOLING AND HEATING system components are noticeable inside the residence, as well as while some individuals aren't troubled by their presence, some property owners would certainly like to conceal or transform out those eyesores. One not-so-attractive aspect that is present throughout the house is the return air vent.

The majority of return air vents look like this:

Depending on your system, it might be located on the wall, ceiling, or flooring. Some return air vents likewise make use of a filter. While there are some attractive options offered for common flooring registers at your local hardware shop or online, the return air vent is typically larger, and there aren't lots of choices available that look much various than the above.

Completing this task on your own as opposed to getting a designer vent cover online can conserve you a great deal of loan and allow you to develop exactly what you're looking for. The materials you'll need to develop a customized return air vent can be discovered at your neighborhood hardware shop.

What You'll Require:

Prior to your journey, see to it to measure the opening of your existing return air vent. Below is a checklist of the fundamental products you'll need to buy from Lowes or Residence Depot (or dig out of your garage):

Attractive aluminum sheet
Aluminum cutters
Wood for the structure
L brackets
Screws or nails for installation
Power drill

Steps To Make A Decorative Air Return Air Vent Cover:
Measure your existing vent to obtain the proper dimensions, which you'll make use of to produce the brand-new air vent cover.
Utilizing the saw, reduced the wood frame pieces to the appropriate dimensions. If you have enough space around the air vent opening, you can create a larger framework if you choose.
Cut the light weight sheet to the appropriate size with the light weight aluminum cutters - in some cases you can escape reducing these with scissors.
Fit the assemble to ensure they mesh properly prior to setting up.
If you wish to repaint the light weight aluminum sheet and also the structure, do so after cutting and also enable all pieces to completely dry.
Set up the wooden frame items using timber adhesive, secure the wood with each other as well as enable to completely dry.
Affix the light weight aluminum sheet to the rear of the frame using the L braces.
Install the new return air vent cover over the opening utilizing screws or nails.